Transylvanian Institute of Neuroscience | TINS

TINS. Studying neural circuits.

The Transylvanian Institute of Neuroscience (TINS) is a private, non-profit research institute founded by neuroscientists. Its main mission is to further neuroscientific research by studying the dynamics of neural circuits in health and disease. TINS also focuses on research in cognitive sciences and brain-inspired artificial intelligence. TINS is located in Cluj-Napoca, a vibrant university city in the heart of Transylvania.

TINS was founded in 2017, based on the positive experience of the Center for Cognitive and Neural Studies (Coneural) and the Romanian Institute of Science and Technology (RIST), two independent leading research centres in Cluj. TINS and RIST are active institutional partners, with one focusing on experimental research, while the other one targeting mainly theoretical advances. TINS is the organizer of the Transylvanian Experimental Neuroscience Summer School (TENSS)